Drug Addiction and Children Part 1
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This is number 1 in a 4 part article series on kids and drugs. Drug addiction is a serious affliction and the sooner it can be recognized and treated, the better chance the individual will have of living a happy, healthy and successful life.

Is Your Child Addicted To Drugs?

Asking if your child is addicted to drugs is no question parents want to ask themselves. The reality, however, is that approximately 28 million children in America have at least one parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol which makes these children 34% more likely to suffer from addiction or alcoholism problems. In the event that both parents suffer from substance abuse problems, that figure skyrockets to an astonishing 400% chance of becoming addicted.

If neither you nor your spouse is addicted your child can still succumb to the temptations of substance abuse. There are a number of ways that a child can come across drugs or alcohol. Peer pressure is a common avenue for kids who don’t see substance abuse at home come into contact with drugs or alcohol. Some adolescents come across drugs before they are even in their teens!

Becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol is an extremely serious situation. Addiction ruins the lives of those who become afflicted and in turn negatively affect the lives of those around them. When kids become addicted, their mental and biological development becomes stunted. Teenage years can be especially detrimental to a young person who is addicted. This is a time of rapid physical and social development and if drugs enter the picture, it can be devastating.

If you have a child who is struggling with drug abuse, they can be helped by drug addiction treatment. There are facilities all over the nation that specialize in adolescent addiction. Please don’t wait to get help… our children are our future.

Drug Treatment Centers Vs. Methadone Maintenance
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There are a number of “quick fixes” out there for drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, these solutions rarely work. Addiction is a serious affliction and without comprehensive drug rehabilitation, recovery is very difficult.

Methadone is a drug that has been increasingly prescribed for the treatment of heroin and other opiate addiction. The problem with methadone as a solution is that it is, in fact, just another opiate that helps the addict avoid withdrawal.

German pharmaceutical companies developed methadone during World War II. It is a synthetic opioid originally called “Dopophine” that was used as treatment for severe pain. Methadone is still used occasionally for pain relief but its main purpose has become opiate addiction treatment.

The reason it has become a popular replacement for other opiate addictions is because it has extremely long lasting effects and a single dose can hold off withdrawal for over 24 hours. However, the problems with this treatment are obvious. Methadone creates it’s own physical dependency that is much more severe than even heroin dependency. While most opiate withdrawals can be overcome in about a week, methadone can take a month or longer to withdraw from. Methadone also has all of the health risks of any other opiate, overdose, increased tolerance, respiratory depression, constipation, nausea, vomiting, sedation, vertigo, etc.

The main problem with methadone treatment is it’s not really treatment at all. The addict simply switches one drug for another and no recovery is really addressed. Most addicts simply use methadone as a way to supplement their usual drug use and to avoid withdrawal.

The only way to truly overcome addiction is to enter a drug treatment center. There are many successful programs all over the country that can assist addicts through the difficult withdrawal process and teach them how to live a clean and sober life. Don’t take the easy way out; you can be truly drug free!

California Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Philosophies
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California drug rehabilitation centers are engaging in revolutionary methods for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. One method that is becoming very popular among professionals is natural or holistic drug and alcohol treatment.

Holistic drug addiction treatment addresses and treats all aspects of an individual, meaning the mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of what it is to be human. By thoroughly rehabilitating all of these facets of humanity, clients are given a comprehensive treatment experience that prepares them to deal with anything in their life. This is not only beneficial when it comes to staying clean and sober, but also enables them to handle any situation in their life using the tools they’ve learned.

When the time comes for the individual to re-enter their life, they are like a new person. They have faith in themselves, confidence that they can make correct and sane decisions and the belief that they can handle anything life will throw at them. It is very empowering for an individual who has been burdened by addiction for so long to realize that they can have control over their life and actions.

For those who are struggling with addiction and alcoholism, holistic drug treatment in California may be the solution for you. There are many facilities offering this method of treatment all over California. Don't wait any longer to get help!

California Alcohol Rehabilitation Saving Lives
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California alcohol rehabilitation centers are wholly dedicated to saving lives. California has hundreds of programs all over the state as a result of California's high population and the public demand for help in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction.

California alcohol rehab is realized to be the best way to become and stay successfully sober. It is very easy in our current society for an alcoholic to continue drinking day after day. Alcoholism can go on for years undetected and it is only when something dire happens such as a drunk driving car wreck or a serous medical problem the alcoholic forced to seek help. This is why loved ones of those who may have a drinking problem need to intervene before things turn bad.

Intervention is a very helpful tool for families. They can come from a place of concern and love, while the interventionist does the tough talking. Interventionists will also counsel the families on effective tactics to use in order to gain the alcoholics agreement to go to treatment.

Once the alcoholic has agreed to go to treatment and is enrolled, then the real battle begins. Fortunately, it’s the professionals that are on the front lines. Very often in intervention scenarios, the alcoholic agrees to treatment but isn't always ready to become sober. This is where an effective California alcohol rehabilitation center is invaluable. the counselors will work with the client day in and day out to realize that they need a new way of life. Over time the alcoholic will begin to see that they will be much happier with a sober lifestyle than when they were drinking and some real progress will occur.

Contact alcohol rehabs in California and inquire about intervention services. Be sure to ask questions about the whole process, not just the initial intake. The more questions you ask, the better chances you have of finding the right rehab for your loved one. Help is always out there, alcoholics and families of alcoholics don’t need to suffer indefinitely.

California Drug Rehab Realities
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California drug rehab sees that our state has a huge problem with drug addiction and alcoholism. Enrollments are increasing at an incredible rate which shows that more needs to be done to stop this epidemic that destroys lives and families. Fortunately, California drug rehabilitation programs are becoming more and more effective, utilizing progressive methods and longer treatment stays, as well as utilizing government support.

California drug treatment centers benefit from the fact that the public and the state government are moving in a direction of supporting treatment as a successful alternative to incarceration. Jailing people for petty drug crimes is expensive. On average, the state spends 47,000 per year per inmate. Many of those incarcerated are locked up for petty drug crimes. What they really need is treatment. For a fraction of the cost of incarceration, the state could deliver effective drug treatment to these individuals. Thankfully, politicians and citizens are beginning to see this and we're making progress in this direction.

Drug rehab can solve the problem of addiction. While in treatment, clients are given a safe place to withdraw from drugs and alcohol and address the reasons they have been using for so long. They will also have an opportunity to handle all of the problems that have arisen from their active addiction. Without this help, the addict has no knowledge of the tools he or she can use to stay clean.

If you or a loved one suffers from drug and alcohol addiction, please support legislation that expands on treatment for addicts rather than incarceration. In the mean time, don't wait to get help for addiction. The earlier it is caught and curbed, the better life will be for the addict, the addicts loved ones, and society as a whole.

California Drug Rehabilitation Innovations
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California drug rehabilitation centers are available to more people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction than ever before. As the industry grows, exciting innovations take place that increases the ability to get more people successfully off drugs and alcohol.

It is extremely hard to get clean and sober on ones own. When an individual has been trapped in a lifestyle of using for years or decades, to suddenly enter a sober lifestyle is very hard. They are asked to completely change their way of living without having learned any of the tools with which to do it. They are also totally dependent on themselves to get through the initial detox process which for many people is the biggest barrier to achieving sobriety.

California drug rehab strives to solve these problems. Drug treatment centers offer tools to overcome whatever substance an individual is dependent on. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be very dangerous and even life threatening and it is imperative that it is done under professional supervision. Once through the difficult process of withdrawal, a good treatment program will teach life skills in order to aid in decision making. This gives a fighting chance once the individual is out of treatment and back to thier life. There are also many rehabs that can help with legal and health problems that have arisen as a result of drug addiction. If these problems can be handled while in rehab, the addict won't feel so overwhelmed by life and therefore won't be as inclined to go back to using.

Drug and alcohol treatment is an incredible resource for getting off drugs and alcohol. If you or a loved one has been suffering from this deadly affliction, please seek help.

California Alcohol Rehab Resources
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California alcohol rehab centers see how dangerous alcoholism is every day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 2001 report estimates that medium and high consumption of alcohol led to 75,754 deaths in the USA. Alcoholism goes hand in hand with lifestyle and social consequences and is also connected to dementia and cancer.

You would think that these reasons alone would be enough to convince someone to curb or stop their drinking all together. Unfortunately, alcoholism is far from a rational process. Most alcoholics start drinking at a young age with a belief that they will reign in their drinking as they become older and more responsible. By the time they reach an age where they think they should have quit, their alcoholism is so progressed that they feel there is little they can do to stop it. This is where effective alcohol treatment centers come into play.

California alcohol rehabilitation facilities offer a reprieve from the cycle of binge drinking. The alcoholic is given the ability to "dry out" and look at life once again with a clear mind. Once this has occurred, then treatment can begin. New life skills are taught to the alcoholic so that they can approach difficult circumstances in their lives without needing the escape of a drink.

Along with the beneficial life skills mentioned above, alcohol treatment centers also give the alcoholic a safe place to detox. Alcohol withdrawal can lead to delirium tremens or "DT's". This condition is an acute withdrawal to alcohol with symptoms of diarrhea, agitation, visual and tactile hallucinations and severe seizures. DT's if left untreated have a 35% mortality rate.

California alcohol treatment centers can safely and successfully withdraw and treat individuals for alcoholism. It is an investment in the alcoholics future and ultimately their life.

California Drug Treatment Centers Efforts
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California alcohol treatment centers have proven to be the most effective way for you or your loved one to recover from alcoholism. Alcoholism is a widespread epidemic in our country that affects every aspect of society. Treatment is essential in curbing this trend and restoring lives and families.

California alcohol rehab can help. With efforts not only in treating alcoholism, but also in prevention and education, California alcohol rehabilitation facilities are making an impact on society for the better. There are several studies done on treatment and prevention by various independent agencies every year and they all tell us the same thing - Percentages of alcoholism and alcohol related deaths are reduced through treatment and education. Doing a quick search on the web will confirm this and prove that supporting those that fight this epidemic is in the best interest of society.

You can do your part by supporting legislation aimed at funding for treatment, becoming aware of the options for those affected by alcoholism and encouraging alcoholics to seek treatment. This is a problem for all of society and we must all do our part to help.

California Drug Treatment Centers Success
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California drug treatment centers have been embracing a new innovation in the industry over the past few years. This innovation is an all natural treatment method called holistic treatment. This is being widely embraced as a healthy and successful alternative to drug for drug therapy. Drug addicts don't want to have to take additional drugs to get clean and substance abuse counselors who have been through treatment and recovery want to see their clients become completely drug free.

California drug rehab facilities that use this method emphasize the importance of treating the whole individual based on the interdependence of it's parts. This is accomplished using nutrition to heal the body combined with life skills to heal the mind and personal spirituality to heal the psyche.

This is a very involved process but the results are undeniable. While using, addicts become very degraded because of the lifestyle they must endure to maintain their addiction. In recovery, it is difficult to confront the things that they have done and they will very often try to find the easiest way out. In active addiction the easy way out is the cycle of using day after day, in recovery it is taking more medication in the form of mood stabilizers to avoid dealing with their actions. California drug rehabilitation that uses the holistic approach teaches them how to handle difficult emotions arising from life in a constructive way without running away from their problems. This leads to empowerment in the individual, the ability to take responsibility for and repair the negative things they have done.

Because of its popularity, holistic treatment is becoming easily available and is very respected as an effective method of drug treatment.

California Drug Treatment Centers Underage Drinking
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California alcohol treatment centers should be consulted at the first signs of alcohol. Parents who get help early on for the alcohol abuse of their kids can effectively curb underage drinking and a lifetime of alcoholism.

There are many risks to underage drinking besides the increased chances of adult alcoholism. Students who attended schools with high rates of heavy drinking experienced a greater number of secondhand effects including disruption of sleep or studies, property damage, and verbal, physical, or sexual violence. The most dangerous fact though is that underage alcohol use is more likely to kill young people than all illegal drugs combined.

California alcohol rehab centers can treat and help kids before they enter into a lifetime of alcoholism. Don't allow our youth to waste their lives on substance abuse, with California alcohol rehabilitation you can get your kid back today!


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