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Drug Addiction and Children Part 3
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This is number 3 in a 4 part article series on kids and drugs. Drug addiction is a serious affliction and the sooner it can be recognized and in patient drug rehab is utilized, the better chance the individual will have of living a happy, healthy and successful life.

Things You Should Know About Kids and Drugs

The human brain is not fully developed until around age twenty and as mentioned before, substance abuse can seriously hinder a child’s development.

Certain drugs can be especially harmful physically and emotionally to adolescents. The club drug, ecstacy has been linked to major organ failure and LSD, or acid, can cause permanent psychological damage. Beyond that, street drugs are often cut with toxic chemicals that can place individuals at risk of overdose, seizures, organ failure and even death.

Another important thing to realize about drugs, particularly when it comes to kids is that drug addiction doesn’t just go away. Once dependence has begun, inpatient drug rehab centers can be a great help and recovery becomes necessary for moving on to a successful and healthy life.

If your child is struggling with addiction, in patient drug rehab may be the answer. Getting help at the first signs of trouble can save their lives.


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